J. Preston Boyle

Of Counsel


1952, Georgia

Law School:

Woodrow Wilson College of Law, J.D.


Callao, Virginia

Military Service:

States Navy, Pilot, World War II, 1942-1945; Naval Reserve, 1946-1968


Internal Revenue Service, 1950-1980; District Director of the Internal Revenue Service, Virginia, 1965-1980.


J. Preston Boyle is World War II veteran and former District Director for the Internal Revenue Service. Born in Callao, Virginia, Preston was a pilot in the United States Navy during the last part of World War II, serving from 1942-1945. Afterwards, Preston remained in the Navy Reserve for twenty-two years. During that time he attended law school in Atlanta, Georgia and began working at the Internal Revenue Service, where he would work for thirty years, eventually retiring in the early 1980s. From 1965 through 1980, Preston was Virginia’s District Director of the Internal Revenue Service.